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In a recent /Film interview leading up to the release of “The Expendables 4,” Waugh spoke about his web of connections linking him and his family to the legacy and lore of Spider-Man. When Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” single handedly reinvigorated the superhero genre, Waugh and his father happened to be on set before Raimi’s unique blend of action and humor took the movie world by storm in May of 2002. The stuntman-turned-director recalled the experience, saying:

“When they asked my father and myself to come work on the Sam Raimi version, it was a lot of token appreciation for my father. And me, being his son, got to be there for that moment. To be honest [laughs], we didn’t really do a hell of a whole lot on stunts, on that show. We were there as just supporters and excited just to be a part of Spider-Man.”

As a lifelong fan, Raimi knew the significance of having Fred Waugh, who also worked as second unit director on the “Spider-Man” TV series, appear on set during filming. The original series may not be the most exciting interpretation of “Spider-Man” ever put on screen, but it is a crucial piece of pop culture history that still has a certain level of charm all these years later. It only lasted for two seasons, but obviously Raimi felt it was an important part of “Spider-Man” canon. 

With any luck, “Expendables 4” will be a big enough hit to put Waugh’s name in the hat of potential directors for a future “Spider-Man” movie. That would be a dream come true for the filmmaker, and a true full circle moment for his family. “I will say this, I hope one day I get to check that box and direct a Spider-Man,” he said. “Because that would just, that would make my whole world, man. So, maybe, one day.”

“Expend4bles” is set to hit theaters on September 22, 2023. Stay tuned for our full interview with Scott Waugh!

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