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Same stomping grounds, same house rules … but that’s pretty much where the similarities end between the Continental featured in the “John Wick” movies and the one we spend so much time in and around throughout “The Continental.” The hotel itself isn’t much of an Easter egg, per se, but observant fans should take note of just how different the establishment set within the city’s iconic Flatiron Building looks and feels in the ’70s. 

While still an exclusive club that caters specifically to the local underworld of assassins and only takes those distinctive gold coins as currency — and God help you if you attempt to kill on hotel grounds, as the reckless and desperate Frankie (Ben Robson) discovers early in the episode — everything else about it seems rather less familiar, beyond the radically different neighborhood filled with even more grime, garbage, and seedy characters than its modern-day counterpart.

The premiere attempts to make this clear right from the outset, as we’re taken through an ambitious one-shot sequence traversing multiple rooms of the Continental. As Frankie scopes the place out and makes his rounds, one difference immediately stands out: this version of the hotel and its occupants is much less cool, calm, and collected as the modern-day assassins typically are (you know, when they’re not killing people, at least). The raucous New Year’s Eve party raging within the establishment gives way to people having sex in silhouettes at doorways, dilettantes doing drugs at tables, disco dancers having the time of their lives, and much more. Compare that to the super-professional aesthetics cultivated under Winston’s eventual management style and it becomes clear what a difference a few decades make.

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