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A third “Almighty” movie was first announced in 2012, although the content or title of the film hadn’t been made public yet. /Film reported that Jarrad Paul, Andrew Mogel, and Nicholas Stoller were to write the screenplay. But Shadyac was not confirmed to return as director. In 2016, Freeman also  expressed interest in playing God again, especially if Carrey was attached. He felt about “Evan Almighty” the same way most audiences seemed to, namely, that it didn’t count as “official” sequel.

Further word on “Brucifer” wouldn’t come for another six years, which was a pretty clear sign that the project had died. 

In 2022, however, the writers of the original “Bruce Almighty,” Steve Koren and Mark O’Keefe, and Steve Oedekerk, revealed some of the details of the movie they had scripted that, they lament, never got made. According to O’Keefe, who spoke with SyFy Wire, “It was going to be the Trials of Job, essentially. […] The world had not gone [Bruce’s] way since he was God. Everything was great for a while; he was married and it all fell apart. He was once again questioning everything and then got a different way to solve things.” Bruce knew God existed — indeed, he was God for a spell — and his life is still falling apart. Knowing God to be unjust, uncaring, or less than all-powerful, Bruce was to turn to Satan for guidance. Hence “Brucifer.”

O’Keefe noted that Morgan Freeman would play the Devil, or, failing that, Carrey would play the Devil opposite himself. Carrey, incidentally, already played a Devil-like Death in an obscure 1991 comedy called “High Strung,” written by and starring Steve Oedekerk.

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