I'm A Fashion Editor—5 Expensive-Looking Outfits I Can't Stop Thinking About

You might assume it’s impossible to find premium-looking clothing on the high street, but a clever cut, a rich colourway or a quality material blend is often all it takes for a piece to pass for designer. Winter is a costly time of year, fashion-wise. Coats, boots and chunky knits typically come with eye-watering price tags, so it’s more important than ever to shop smart and maximise your budget.

When sifting through the thousands of frugal buys out there, there are a few things you can do to develop a more discerning eye and filter out the clearly cheap pieces. Firstly, I suggest sticking to a colour palette of classic neutrals. Minimal designs always look the most expensive, in my opinion, and will help you tap into the “quiet luxury” trend that’s everywhere this year. Look out for considered details like a wide sleeve, covered buttons or a pointed toe. This kind of seemingly small design choice will instantly add polish to your outfit.

Knee-high boots have been a particular saviour for me recently—slip them on with leggings and your favourite knit for a reliable winter look. I’m also convinced that gold-toned jewellery makes it seem like you’ve put in ten times more effort (without fail) and the addition of a wool coat will make you feel like you’re dressed in luxury, too.

For more inspiration, keep scrolling to see five expensive-looking winter outfits I’ve assembled with affordable pieces from the high street. And yes, I’ve linked them below, so you can add them to your own wardrobe in no time.

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