Hail Valak! The Nun 2 Defeats Hercule Poirot’s Haunting In Venice At The Box Office – /Film

With director Michael Chaves’ “The Nun II,” we’re looking at a movie that has now amassed $56.3 million domestically and a massive $102.3 million internationally for a grand total of $158.6 million through two weekends. Is it going to make $365 million worldwide like “The Nun” did back in 2018 when it became the highest-grossing movie in The Conjuring Universe overall? No, it’s not. But with a $38.5 million production budget, this is going to be an unquestionable win for Warner Bros. Not only that but “The Nun” dropped 66.1% in its second weekend. The sequel held better in its second frame.

Even if the movie falls off a cliff in the coming weeks, it should easily get to $250 worldwide when all’s said and done. That would be around 6.5 times the production budget. Even when accounting for marketing, that’s a very profitable movie. And if the movie just flat-out collapsed and only finished with around $200 million, it would still be the kind of hit that any studio in Hollywood would kill to have. That’s pretty much been the story of this franchise since the very beginning.

James Wan’s “The Conjuring” became a critically respected smash hit back in 2013, taking in $319.4 million worldwide against a mere $20 million budget. Now, here we are, eight movies in (not counting “The Curse of La Llorona”) and the franchise has made more than $2 billion worldwide all while none of the movies have cost more than $40 million to produce. Outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is the most successful cinematic universe out there. Audiences are continuing to show up, and you can be the brass at Warner Bros. intends to keep this money train moving.

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