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As of this writing, “Vampires” is currently available to stream on Netflix. “Vampires” can also be rented for $3.99 on Apple TV, Amazon, YouTube, DirecTV, the Google Play Store, Vudu, and the Microsoft Store. All of those outlets also offer “Vampires” for purchase for $12.99, as does the AMC Theaters website. The DVD for “Vampires” can easily be found on the second-hand market, and a rather nice Blu-ray can be purchased from Shout! Factory. Given the unstable and capricious state of the modern streaming industry, I would wholly and enthusiastically recommend ponying up for the Blu-ray. It will be high-quality (Shout! Factory does good work), and won’t be removed from your collection if Amazon decides it’s taking up too much bandwidth. 

The 2002 sequel, “Vampires: Los Muertos,” directed by Tommy Lee Wallace (“Halloween III: Season of the Witch,” “Fright Night 2”) can be found on Tubi (as one might expect) and can be rented from the same online rental services for “Vampires” listed above. That film follows a new set of characters, and only passingly mentions the events of the first film in passing dialogue. Jon Bon Jovi plays a character named Derek Bliss, which is, by scientific measure, a name three units sillier than “Jack Crow.” John Carpenter produced this one. 

The 2005 sequel, “Vampires: The Turning” is also available on Tubi and for rent through the above services. Make a marathon night of it! “The Turning” was directed by Marty Weiss (“Backwoods,” “Xtra Credit”), and stars Colin Egglesfield from “All My Children” and the 2009 version of “Melrose Place.” Carpenter had nothing to do with this film, and it is seemingly unconnected to its forebears. If you watch the first two, you’re kinda required to see this one.

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