/Film Is Hosting An Early Screening Of The Creator In ScreenX – Here’s How To Attend – /Film

Want in? Then I highly recommend that you fill out this Google Form with the quickness. If you make the first-come/first-serve cut, you’ll receive an email confirmation (followed by a reminder the day before the screening with all the details).

Though “The Creator” is only Edwards’ fourth completed feature, his previous three films, especially “Godzilla” (which, until the third act, keeps the audience at ground level while these gargantuan beasts bust up downtown San Francisco), have adeptly immersed the viewer in richly imagined worlds. The panoramic, 270-degree presentation offered by ScreenX promises to enhance your engagement with Edwards’ film in a one-of-a-kind way.

ScreenX has been steadily expanding over the last decade (the company currently operates 146 screens throughout 10 countries), so consider this your golden opportunity to sample an emerging technology for the price of on-the-house. And if you’re already a ScreenX devotee, enjoy a freebie on us. Most excitingly, you’re going to get to see a top-down original movie from one of the most gifted directors working in Hollywood. This is a film to savor and support! So click the above link, and, hopefully, we’ll see you at the movies ScreenX-style on September 26!

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