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When the episode isn’t giving us versions of the crew in the form of wind-up toys, cars, or rubber ducks, the episode follows the tragic love triangle between Fry, Leela, and the Prince of Space. Whereas Fry is showing signs of age (he is over a thousand years old, after all), the Prince of Space is young and strong, which allows him to woo Leela with alarming speed. Leela dumps Fry and tries to marry the Prince, but the King of Space doesn’t approve. Fry selflessly challenges the king to a duel so Leela will be allowed to marry the Prince, but Leela takes his place in the dual and wins. Except it turns out that the King of Space replaced himself with his son, and Leela has just killed the man she was trying to marry. 

If that all sounds terrible and dumb, that’s because it is. We’ve seen plenty of storylines already where Fry jealously watched Leela date another man, but the show seems to know we’re no longer interested in that kind of storyline, so it relegates it to just one self-contained short story in an episode that’s split between four of them. In this four-minute escapade, the drama is dialed up to eleven the whole way through, and the build-up to every big twist is only a few seconds long. Just to make it extra clear that none of this matters, the episode ends with Leela clarifying that she was under a spell throughout the whole thing, so there’s no reason for any of her actions here to shape how we view her character.

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