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Even though “The Expendables 3” featured Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) recruiting a new generation of younger Expendables, “Expend4bles” sees Barney and lifelong pal Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) still riding around New Orleans on their motorcycles and throwing knifes at dartboards in between deadly missions. This is much to the chagrin of Lee’s new flame, Gina (Megan Fox), a fellow Expendable herself who breaks up with Christmas during a heated argument. Christmas has certainly had a spotty record with women in the past — there’s no mention of his old girlfriend, Lacy (Charisma Carpenter), from the first two films (likely because, according to Simon West’s commentary on “Expendables 2,” Christmas was meant to announce he’d broken up with Lacy at the end of that movie, but the moment was cut). Even so, it seems he’s met his match in Gina, as she’s more than capable both on and off the battlefield.

Helping his buddy blow off some steam, Barney brings Christmas to a local biker joint, where a sleazebag going by the name of Jumbo Shrimp (Mike Möller) has won Barney’s lucky skull ring in a thumb wrestling contest (in what is a sly reference to Stallone’s infamous arm-wrestling movie, “Over the Top”). Christmas cleans Jumbo Shrimp’s clock, along with a slew of other bad dudes, getting Barney’s ring back for him.

Meanwhile, in Libya, a far more unscrupulous mercenary named Rahmat (Iko Uwais) tears apart the compound of a general, searching for nuclear detonators while coldly executing the general’s innocent family members.

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