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Sometimes, “Star Wars” just can’t help itself. There’s a fine line between drawing connections between new stories in the galaxy like “Ahsoka” and the moments we all know and love from the original trilogy. When Sabine finally finds a roguish-looking Ezra Bridger in “Far, Far Away,” their first interaction after the tumultuous events of “Star Wars Rebels” feels more like a showdown between two gamblers who have double-crossed each other. Instead of having a real moment together, the first bit of dialogue between them almost rehashes the reunion between Han Solo and Lando on Cloud City in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

If “Ahsoka” wants to put so much emphasis on rescuing Ezra, to the point where the entire known galaxy that “Star Wars” has resided in up until now is in peril, there should be a little more emotional weight behind a scene that fans have been eagerly anticipating. “Star Wars Rebels” diehards may feel the emotional impact when Sabine and Ezra finally embrace, but casual fans probably needed a little more reason to care. 

In the next episode, there may be a little more spark between Sabine and Ezra once they join forces with Ahsoka and try their best to get off the planet together without Thrawn following close behind. If rescuing Ezra was really worth it, the first time he’s introduced into live-action should have really been impactful and heartfelt. Instead, Sabine and Ezra look like they need a chaperone at an intergalactic high school dance. If the galaxy is truly at stake, the last couple of episodes of “Ahsoka” need to drive home the relationship between Ezra and Sabine without looking like a John Hughes movie. 

New episodes of “Ahsoka” premiere on Tuesday nights on Disney+ at 6:00 pm Pacific, 9:00 pm Eastern.

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