9 Anti-Trend Outfits Fashion People Are Wearing Right Now

While we, as a team, pride ourselves on spotting trends and soon-to-be-sell-out buys from the high street and luxury labels, we love talking about classic and trend-proof style just as much.

Those two things might seem like a contradiction, but we’re firm believers that you can embrace each season’s trends in a way that feels timeless. Once the initial craze over a fresh fabrication or a revived ’90s silhouette passes, we don’t expect anyone to push their Instagram-inspired purchases to the back of their wardrobes. If you adopt a considered approach to shopping, you’ll only end up with pieces that can be incorporated into your looks for the long haul.

Below, the nine classic outfit formulas I’ve spotlighted include styles that once were, or still are, considered ‘trendy’. But I’m sure you’ll agree, they feel like they’ll stay relevant for the foreseeable. I can speak from experience, because I’ve been relying on most of these combinations for as long as I can remember. And I don’t plan on discarding them any time soon…

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