16 Concert Outfit Ideas I’m Bookmarking For Beyoncé’s Country Era

Question for you: What’s the first concert you have ever attended? My first was a Shania Twain’s country music concert in the early ’00s. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to attend shows, festivals, and even album release parties for almost every type of music genre. But what makes attending a folk concert quite fun, in my humble opinion, is that there’s a sense of community reflected through the cords as much as the clothing. Hear me out here: You show up to a Stagecoach festival without context and automatically know that country musicians headline it because of what everyone is wearing—there’s sort of an informal code for the event. However, if you’ve never witnessed this phenomenon for yourself, you might not know what to wear to a country concert.

That’s totally valid, considering that what attendees usually wear to see musicians such as Carrie Underwood or Kacey Musgraves is vastly different from seeing Normani or Olivia Rodrigo on tour (no shade; I love them all). Therefore, crafting a cute outfit for a country music show requires a different approach. Luckily for you, I’ve got you covered. In an effort to prepare you for all the eventual music tours to come from Beyoncé and Lana Del Ray, I’ve created a comprehensive guide to dressing for the occasion. Ahead, you’ll find 16 outfit ideas that can be worn to a country music concert, along with styling tips and the key pieces you’ll need for the occasion. Whether you’ve attended multiple folk festivals or are just coming around to the genre, these outfits will prepare you to take it to the floor.

Key piece: Cowboy hat

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