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“The Fourth Closet” effectively offers answers to the central mystery of what happened to Charlie, aka Charlotte Emily, the protagonist of the “FNAF” novel trilogy, who is later revealed to have been murdered by William Afton, co-founder and owner of Fazbear Entertainment and Afton Robotics. The opening of a new animatronic pizza place in Hurricane, Circus Baby’s Pizza, rattles the lives of John, Jessica, Marla, and Carlton — childhood friends of Charlie — who must get to the bottom of a missing children case. The gang must also contend with a now-altered Charlie, who miraculously comes back from the dead, and sports a completely different personality from the Charlie we follow in the first two novels of the trilogy. 

In their quest to understand how Charlie is still alive, the gang rescues someone who also looks like Charlie: dubbed Other Charlie, who is actually Circus Baby, Afton’s humanoid animatronic creation who served his twisted goals of human-animatronic experimentation. After Baby reveals her nefarious intentions to the group, she picks Carlton up and reveals whirring saw blades once her faceplates open. Thankfully, Carlton is able to use reverse-engineered Illusion Discs to become invisible and evade the animatronic doll. Thanks to the graphic novels that visualized the narrative of the novel trilogy, we have a concrete idea of what these saw blades look like, which is very similar to the one shown in the “FNAF” trailer.

While this could just be a reference/homage to Baby that solely functions as an Easter egg, there’s a possibility that aspects of the novel trilogy could have been woven into the narrative. This can very well be just a nightmare or an actual trap fashioned by Afton, who is set to appear in the film.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” hits theaters and Peacock on October 27, 2023.

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