Why No One Will Save You Went With A More Traditional Alien Design And Evolved It [Exclusive] – /Film

If you’re a sci-fi fan of a certain age, you might very well cheer when get our first full view of the alien, and it’s a Gray! You may not know the term, but you know the look: pale skin, slender body, beady black eyes, and an oval head. They’re based on the creatures allegedly discovered at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, and they became such an ingrained type that filmmakers veered away from depicting them on screen.

Being a hardcore sci-fi fan, Duffield had to bring the Gray back for “No One Will Save You.” In an exclusive interview with /Film’s Ethan Anderton, he discussed his affection for the classic extraterrestrial design. Per Duffield:

“I love the gray. It’s maybe my favorite monster design. Maybe it’s real, based on Roswell, who knows? I just love it. I felt like there had been such a lack of it for a really long time. I would hear about an alien movie coming, and then I would see the trailer and be kind of disappointed that it was this other thing. After so many of those trailers and movies that I loved, I was like, I just miss my boy. It came out of being like, ‘Where is this?'”

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