White Trainers Will Never Be Out, But These 6 Trending Colours Are Officially In

If you thought keeping up with the latest trends was difficult, keeping pace with trainer trends is a whole different ball game. For some reason, I feel like sneaker aesthetics tend to move quicker than any other footwear. Between specific styles ebbing and flowing in popularity while different silhouettes come to the fore simultaneously, it feels as if the moment you settle on the trainer trend for you, there’s another slew of fresh styles waiting in the wings to tempt you. Just as well, then, that you’ve found yourself here.

At Who What Wear we want to provide you with the resources you need to determine which “trends” work for you instead of falling into the pattern of blindly following them. Between the actual hours I spend on social media each day analysing outfits and the mornings I reserve for taking stock of any movements on the market, anything you see in a Who What Wear story is the outcome of days-worth of distilment; only the good stuff gets through.

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