TWICE’s Sana says she “had to go on a diet” as a trainee

TWICE member Sana has opened up about the extreme diet she was put on during her trainee days.

In a new episode of South Korean streamer DEX’s YouTube cooking series DEX’s Fridge Interview, he spoke with TWICE’s Sana about her cooking and eating habits while going through the contents of her fridge.

During the interview, the K-pop singer shared that she had been made to go on diets prior to her debut in the group. “When I was a trainee, I was really stressed, and there was a moment where I gained more weight,” she said, revealing that “there was a time when I survived on just eight cherry tomatoes a day”.

Later, she also discussed her love for jokbal, a Korean pig trotter dish she had to “secretly” eat when she was put on a diet. “The first time I tried it was when I was a trainee, and I fell in love with it,” she said.

“So I wanted to make a delivery order but if I did, I could have been scolded,” Sana added. “So I bought it from the market next to our dormitory and ate it secretly.”

However, Sana went on to stress that this had been before her debut, adding that she is personally managing her diet now. “Don’t meddle with my business,” she jokingly warned her agency.

Later, the singer also discussed how her bandmates supported the debut of TWICE’s Japanese sub-unit MISAMO, formed by members Mina, Momo and herself.

“When we were preparing for MISAMO, we spent an unbelievable amount of time on it. The members recognised that and they told us, ‘You worked so hard, you’re amazing,’ and they praised us,” Sana said

The trio dropped their debut mini-album ‘Masterpiece’ in July, following its lead single ‘Do Not Touch’ earlier that month. In an interview with NME, Sana shared that they had spent a “very long time” on the release because they “wanted to make sure that the album and music we released not only met our standards, but exceeded them”.

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