This Eye Cream Claims to Instantly Erase Dark Circles, So I Put It to the Test

So, would I recommend this eye cream? In short, yes. If you are looking for a quick and simple way to awaken your eye area in the morning, then I would definitely suggest giving this a go. Although I’ve not been using it for long enough to see the long-term benefits, it’s become an easy step in my morning routine that immediately adds luminosity to my skin. However, if you’re wondering whether it gets rid of dark circles, then the answer would be no. As a beauty editor, I’m cynical about whether any product will ever diminish dark circles, but this one definitely helps make them look a whole lot brighter. I still make sure to use an under-eye corrector and a little bit of concealer on days when I feel like wearing makeup, but this cream makes my complexion look a lot more radiant. As mentioned above, it’s not the most hydrating option in my opinion, so if your main concern is dry skin, then I would recommend going for a slightly thicker consistency. 

The eye cream currently retails at £28, and although it’s not cheap, it is much more affordable than other brands on the market. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need this eye cream in your routine, but if dark under eyes are getting you down, then I do think that it’s worth the price for that added glow.

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