The M&S Coat I've Wanted for Months Is Back In Stock—5 Ways I'm Styling It Now

In my quest to shop more considerately, I have a few rituals I go through before adding to basket. First, how timeless is it? Any piece that gets added to my wardrobe has to be able to transcend moving trends, and earn its spot in my collection for years to come. With its versatile colourway, classic trench design, and cool edge of faux leather, this coat definitely fits the bill. Second, how would I wear it? There’s been many pieces I’ve adored, but if it doesn’t meld with my personal style, then I’ll find it relegated to the back of my wardrobe, alongside the mismatching socks I’ve never quite found the time to pair up. That’s why I’m here, to show exactly how I plan to style this faux leather coat throughout winter, spring and autumn, for many years to come. You might find that you already have the pieces required to recreate these ensembles, as that’s the brilliance of a capsule wardrobe. But if spot a piece that could bolster your daily outfit builds, I’ve shopped out my finds for extra ease. Don’t worry, you can thank me later. 

Before I run to checkout, here’s 5 ways I plan to style the Marks & Spencer faux leather coat. 

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