Stephen Colbert Says He Would ‘Murder’ for His ‘Queen’ Taylor Swift

Stephen Colbert is as loyal a Swiftie as they come. On a recent episode of The Late Show, the talk show host told his guest of the night, Paul Rudd, that he would go to life-or-death extremes to make Taylor Swift happy — all because she treated his daughter with kindness more than a decade ago.

Recalling how he took his daughter Madeline — who was 14 at the time — to the Grammys in 2008, Colbert gushed Wednesday night (March 13), “Taylor was so nice to her that, to this day, I would murder for her if she wanted me too.”

“I’m like, ‘Whatever you want, my queen,’” he added. “‘I will murder for you.’”

The Colbert Report alum previously told the story of how he introduced Madeline to Swift at the Grammys in a 2022 clip from his late-night show. “She turns around and goes, ‘Pretty girl!’ and comes and puts her arms around her and goes, ‘Oh you look amazing!’” he recalled at the time, mimicking how the “Anti-Hero” singer wrapped his daughter in a big hug. “She just praises my daughter for how she looks for, like, 30 seconds.”

“I would jump off a cliff into a pit of spikes for that woman for how nice she was to my daughter,” he’d added. “You’ve got to remember that!”

On Wednesday’s episode, Rudd also opened up about his love for Swift, especially when it comes to her effect on the NFL since dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. “This whole thing is very exciting,” the actor, a longtime Chiefs fan, told Colbert. “I see those stories about the dads and their daughters, and their interests in watching the games together. I get all choked up watching it.”

In May, the Ant Man star attended one of the 14-time Grammy winner’s Eras Tour shows at MetLife Stadium, where he accepted friendship bracelets from fans and bumped into singer-songwriter Claud — who then invited him to star in the Phoebe Bridgers-backed artist’s music video after confessing they had another track coincidentally titled “Paul Rudd.”

“I thought, there’s so much support and love and positivity,” Rudd said of the concert. “To feel that feeling with that many people — it was incredible.”

Watch Colbert and Rudd discuss their Swiftiehood below.

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