Park Jung-min was “thrilled” to meet BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, says Gang Dong-won

Gang Dong-won has revealed how “thrilled” Park Jung-min was to meet BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo on the set of Dr. Cheon And Lost Talisman.

Yesterday, it was revealed that a number of South Korea celebrities would make special cameo appearances in the upcoming movie Dr. Cheon And Lost Talisman, which will star Gang Dong-won. Among them are Park Jung-min, who are set to play a renowned shaman who’s possessed by a seonnyeo (a Korean traditional fairy), and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, who’s been cast as the fairy.

In a new interview with SBS Star, Gang Dong-won recalled the day when Park Sung-min and Jisoo came to set to film their role in the movie. “I remember how thrilled Park Jung Min was. He told me that he is a Jisoo,” the actor said. “The filming site was more welcoming than ever.”

Later, Gang Dong-won spoke about how he had a “terrific time” during his shoot with Park Jung-min because the latter “came well-prepared”. He added: “I remember showing up to the set one day to see Park Jung-min already there.”

“There was a scene where Lee Dong-hwi and I [had to act out] rites performed by Korean shamans, and I heard Park Jung-min came in early that day and asked to watch it,” Gang recalled. “Park Jung-min said that the eye roll I did during the scene was funny and that he wanted to do it during his, too. That’s how his scene was created.”

Dr. Cheon And Lost Talisman is set to be released on September 27 in South Korea. International availability for the upcoming film has yet to be announced.

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