Olivia Rodrigo wants to perform in the Philippines

Olivia Rodrigo has revealed that she wants to perform in the Philippines.

Rodrigo – who is half Filipino – revealed to Rolling Stone in a recent feature that she has plans to tour in the Philippines, though further information remains unknown at this time. The ‘Vampire’ singer-songwriter told the publication: “People there are so welcoming and hospitable and awesome.”

She added: “Filipino people ride for other Filipino people.”

Olivia Rodrigo performs live at the 2023 MTV VMAs. Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Olivia Rodrigo famously spoke of her Filipino heritage in 2018 before striking it big with ‘Drivers License’ and her debut album ‘Sour’ in 2021. She said to the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) in 2018: “My great-grandfather immigrated here from the Philippines when he was just a teenager. He’s my grandma’s dad, and my grandpa is also Filipino as well.”

She went on to add: “My dad grew up in a house where they were always making Filipino food, his grandpa always spoke Tagalog. All of those traditions have trickled down to our generation. Every Thanksgiving we have lumpia, and things like that.”

Olivia Rodrigo most recently released her sophomore studio album ‘Guts’ on September 8. The record scored a glowing five-star review from NME‘s Sophie Williams, who wrote: “‘Guts’ doesn’t just feel transitional in a musical sense. It marks the end of Rodrigo’s teenage years, a moment that has gravity given that she recently said in a statement that she felt like she grew “10 years” between the ages of 18 and 20.”

“Here, she offers blunt self-analysis while reflecting on wider cultural ideas of performance and swallowing anger in order to comply with the wants and needs of others. It works as a display of real power, range and versatility – all of which Rodrigo possesses in abundance.”

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