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During the post-production VFX bids, “No One Will Save You” shows the alien ships hovering over different locations. At one point, there was a thought about showing the ships blowing up something in the background, but the studios didn’t want it. As Duffield explained:

“The studio was like, ‘They can’t blow something up because …’ and then they would have this very logical reason about that, and they would sell it. That was something really interesting, and that was something I pitched them when I started the movie. I was like, ‘These invaders are coming, but they’re not coming thinking they’re bad guys.’ That makes them a little interesting and a little unusual. That was something that the studio was making sure, if this alien’s going after Brynn really hard, did she do something that really triggered that behavior? That was a really fun, tug of war is too harsh sounding, but that was something that the studio was always like, ‘Remember, you got to walk this line with these grays. They are the villains, but they’re not evil.'”

Duffield said this made the film a lot more fun to work on, especially in the third act. Not allowing the aliens to be evil allows the conflict to be complicated and leaves room for nuanced interpretations. “I think most other places would’ve been like, ‘Yeah, they should be nuking cities,'” he said. “At one point they were like, ‘Oh, they should put out that fire.’ I was like, ‘That’s really funny.’ Then the alien’s character would dictate that they should put out the fire and not start the fire. I was like, ‘That’s really cool.'” There you have it, folks. Studio notes: not always a bad thing!

“No One Will Save You” is now available to stream on Hulu.

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