New Music Latin: Listen to Releases From Wisin & Gabito Ballesteros, Plus More

New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.


See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Wisin, Gabito Ballesteros, “Un Shot” (La Base Music Group/WK)

Who would’ve ever thought — Wisin tapping into the música Mexicana realm? The Puerto Rican hitmaker has swapped his baseball cap for a cowboy hat for his latest single “Un Shot,” in collaboration with Gabito Ballesteros. Lacing the best of both worlds, the track is a corrido tumbado with hard-hitting urban beats that also meshes Ballestero’s dulcet vocals and Wisin’s raspier tone. “Un Shot” narrates the story of a man who’s drinking his sorrows away after a break up.

But beyond that, it’s an homage to the regional Mexican genre, according to Wisin. “For us urban artists, it was a dream to enter Mexico and receive the support of all Mexicans,” he told Billboard during rehearsals at the 2024 Premio Lo Nuestro. “More than a fusion and a rich song, musically speaking, it is a tribute to the people of Mexico and a way to enter their world and let them know that we respect what they do, respect their music.” — JESSICA ROIZ

LAGOS & Elena Rose, “Blanco y Negro” (Warner Music Mexico)

After sharing the best pop-rock song Latin Grammy award with Lasso for the hit “Ojos Marrones” last November, the duo LAGOS — made up of Venezuelan musicians Luis Jiménez and Agustín Zubillaga — joins forces with another compatriot for a new pop anthem: “Blanco y Negro,” with prominent singer-songwriter Elena Rose. The song, which talks about the difficulty of having to say goodbye to a loved one in the midst of complex circumstances, offers an infectious melody and Spanish lyrics sprinkled with English that go straight to the heart. “If it’s not a yes, it’s a no, I don’t want to let you go/ But what do we do if life got in the way?/ If it’s over, put up with it/ I’m looking for another color in this black and white,” they sing in the chorus, creating beautiful harmonies at times. It’s a pop track that can take you to moments that you may not even experienced in your own life. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Goyo, “Insomnia” (Sony Music Latin)

The first 20 seconds of Goyo’s “Insomnio” sound like a total rock anthem, with the strumming of an electric guitar. “Everyone wants to attack, but nothing will get me,” Goyo declares. What starts as a rock jam quickly evolves into a hip-hop beat that only speeds up as the song continues. Soon, Goyo’s rapid-fire lyrics take center stage, matching the song’s intensity. While Goyo has been at the forefront of the Latin hip-hop movement, this song is a slight departure from her signature bright and uplifting anthems, edgier with an almost haunting vibe. “Of all the panthers I’m the blackest one,” Goyo raps. “I like to hang out with those that respect me.” — GRISELDA FLORES

WOS & Gustavo Santaolalla, “Melancolía” (DOGUITO Records/DALE PLAY Records)

Bolstered by the strumming of a charango and festive wind arrangements, “Melancolía” delves into themes of mortality, resilience and melancholy against the riveting backdrop of Andean cumbia. With WOS’ energetic delivery and the powerful sonic architecture of Gustavo Santaolalla — also co-produced by Evlay and Francisco Azorai — the chorus “Será melancolía/ de una vida sin receta” encapsulates the song’s theme of navigating a world without instructions. Ultimately, it explores the human experience of finding light amid darkness. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Gian Marco & Catalina García, “Tú” (Altafonte/Enjoymusic Studios LLC)

Peruvian music icon Gian Marco teams up with talented Monsieur Periné vocalist Catalina García on the captivating ballad “Tú.” The acoustic collaboration, which is the fourth track previewing the Peruvian artist’s upcoming album Aún Me Sigo Encontrando, masterfully fuses their voices together in a sublime performance, giving life to a beautiful Andean song — accompanied by the distinctive sound of the charango, a typical instrument of this South American region. “In ‘Tú’ we once again include the colors of Andean folklore. The charango gives it a very special color. It is a song for everyone, for whoever wants to feel it, sing it, and dedicate it,” Gian Marco says in a statement. “I am like this because now you are/ I can love because only you/ You fill me with good things / I give you my whole life” the pair sings in the chorus of the Julio Reyes Copello-produced song. — LUISA CALLE

Sergio George & Jay Wheeler, “La Puerta” (Sony Music Latin)

Sergio George has released “La Puerta” in collaboration with Jay Wheeler — the first single off of his new album ATACA SERGIO, URBAN SALSA SESSIONS. The innovative song combines catchy salsa melodies with immersive urban rhythms to tell a cautionary story about the consequences of letting pride interfere with love. “I told you to leave when I wanted you to stay/ D–n the pride that screwed me in its web/ Making me believe that you weren’t going to leave, that you wouldn’t dare,” Wheeler chants with his high vocals. — INGRID FAJARDO

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