Makeup Artists Swear by These 10 Tightening Face Creams for Noticeable Results

Every great makeup artist knows that the key to a radiant, glowing base is properly prepped skin. That’s right, no matter how good your foundation is, if you really want it to look its best, it’s all about focusing on your complexion. Now, we know that it can sometimes seem as if there are a million and one products to apply before your makeup, from serums to primers and eye creams, but sometimes a simple yet effective moisturiser is all you need (alongside your favourite SPF, of course).

In fact, lots of celebrity makeup artists swear by skin-tightening face creams to help give the stars that plump, lifted look. If you’re curious to know which creams they keep in their kits, then you’re in luck, as we asked some of the most sought-after makeup artists in the industry to share their top picks. From luxury moisturisers to high-quality drugstore favourites, there are lots of incredible options for you to choose from. We even asked each makeup artist for their top application tips and tricks, so you know exactly how to get the most out of the products.

The best thing about these creams is that you don’t need to spend hours prepping your skin before makeup, so they’re an easy addition to your daily skincare routine. Keep on scrolling for all the information you need on the best skin-tightening creams, and get ready to glow like never before.

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