Liam Gallagher adopts rescue dog Buttons from Thailand

Liam Gallagher has adopted a rescue dog named ‘Buttons’ from a sanctuary in Thailand.

The former Oasis member received praise after it was revealed that he contacted the Happy Doggo sanctuary in order to re-home the puppy who had been abandoned in the jungle for “not being cute enough” by its former family.

In an interview with Sky News, dog rescuer Niall Harbison shared his shock when he found Gallagher’s name among the applications to adopt Buttons. At first, Harbison believed it may have been a friend pulling a prank or a wind-up of sorts but upon further inspection of the application, it turned out to actually be the ‘Stand By Me’ singer.

“The name on the form was Liam Gallagher, but I thought that’s obviously not him,” he said. “Then the next line was occupation, and it was ‘singer’. I thought my mates were taking the piss. But I checked it out a bit more and his details all stacked up.”

Harbison shared that the singer applied to adopt Buttons through the usual way via a Google form. After joining a video call for an interview with the ‘Wonderwall’ singer and his partner to check if his home would be a good fit for the dog, as is standard with all applicants, all doubts of it possibly being him were gone.

“I did interviews with him and his lovely [partner],” he said. “They have cats and they just really wanted a dog. They’ve been following me on social media and wanted Buttons.”

Buttons flew nearly 6,000 miles (9,500km) to her new home in the UK. Harbison shared a video to his X/Twitter profile explaining the dog’s story set to Oasis’ ‘Stand My Be’.

“Little Buttons just hit the jackpot with her forever home. At only 5 months old, her “family” abandoned her for not being cute enough. She slowly ‘checked herself in’ to the sanctuary even though she was terrified. But Buttons was healthy and needed a forever home,” the video shared. “After 3 months in foster, she was ready to travel 10,000 kms across the world”.

The clip included photos of Gallagher playing and snuggling Buttons with the text: “Well done Buttons. Sometimes dreams do come true.”

In other news, Oasis are set to release new formats of ‘The Masterplan’ to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album.

To mark the silver anniversary of the 1998 B-sides release, ‘The Masterplan’ will be made available in various new formats on November 3, including CD, cream cassette and limited-edition double vinyl in a variety of colours – you can pre-order/ pre-save yours here.

Gallagher has also hinted to a fan that his next album is finished. The singer-songwriter’s most recent studio album came in 2022 with ‘C’mon You Know’.

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