Kendall Jenner’s Flat Shoes Make the No-Trouser Look So Much Easier to Pull Off

New York Kendall Jenner is my favourite Kendall Jenner. Yes, she’s very chic wherever she goes, but the outfits she wears when visiting NYC are especially cool and forward. Her latest outfit to go out to lunch in the city was exactly that—no trousers required.

For the occasion, Jenner wore an oversize button-down and nothing else. (Although, she appeared to be wearing hot pants in some photos, as the “pants-less” outfit trend is often just an illusion.) This outfit trend can certainly be intimidating, but the shoes Jenner styled her trouser-less look with actually make it less so. Those shoes are none other than loafers—specifically, a The Row pair she’s been wearing all over town.

The simple black loafers really grounded the look and made it more low-key and effortless than, say, a pair of stilettos or tall boots would have. If you’re intrigued, scroll on to see Jenner’s cool no-pants outfit and shop similar loafers.

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