Jonathan Frakes Teases Indiana Jones & Deadpool Vibes In Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 – /Film

From the sound of things, there was a mandate from on high to reign “Discovery” in a bit and bring it back to its “Star Trek” roots:

“‘Discovery,’ by the way, is ‘Indiana Jones’ this year instead of the heavy emo of season four. ‘Discovery’ is back on track as an action-adventure show, and I guess they got their marching orders to maintain that. Everybody has embraced it, from [co-showrunners] Michelle Paradise and Alex [Kurtzman], down through the cast. There’s a new energy and a new mandate.”

Frakes made another comparison for this new season as well, his own “Star Trek: First Contact,” which brings a lot of goodwill by its name alone as it’s widely considered to be the best of the “Next Generation” movies. 

“It was a thrill for me to try to find some levity in some of those [‘Discovery’] scenes. That’s why ‘First Contact’ was successful, because you build and then add just a little levity to let the steam out, so you can restart. That’s why ‘Deadpool’ is such a fabulous franchise, because it doesn’t hurt. Audiences can handle levity. The ‘Indiana Jones’ reference is a perfect example. Nobody does that better than Spielberg.”

In short, Frakes is doing the work to let “Trek” fans know that this new season of “Discovery” isn’t going to bum you out every episode, which should be music to most fans’s pointy ears.

“Star Trek: Discovery” season five will premiere on Paramount+ some time in early 2024.

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