Jennifer Lopez Ropes (G)I-DLE For Sultry ‘This Time Around’ Remix

Jennifer Lopez adds some bite to the bossa nova of her This Is Me… Now track “This Time Around” with a new remix featuring K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE. The refresh that dropped on Friday morning (March 15) features the singer/actress’ original verses about laying all her cards out, not playing around and making a love work on her own terms, as well as a new bit in which YUQI, Minnie, Soyeon and Mieyon drop in for a verse in English and Korean.

While the swaying backing track remains the same, the original’s third verse is replaced by a new one with fresh lyrics and attitude from the now four-woman group; member Shuhua went on hiatus from the band in February.

“What is wrong?/ Our love-hate is bruised with false rumors/ It’s not worth it, laugh it all off, the heartbreak in the gossip/ I’m in your arms all night long/ Bad love, bad love,” the women sing/rap in English and Korean on their verse, which rolls in around the 2:30 mark.

The original version of the song appeared on Lopez’s new album, which was released on Feb. 16 along with the elaborate, self-financed short film This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, as well as the accompanying making-of doc The Greatest Love Story Never Told. Lopez is gearing up to launch her first North American tour in five years this summer, with the singer canceling, as well as adding, some shows to the roster this week.

After scotching seven of the original planned dates from August 20-31, Lopez added second nights in Miami, Toronto and New York, with a source telling Billboard that the dropped shows were pulled due to routing issues, but that new shows have been added and will be announced soon.

Lopez will next be seen in the Netflix sci-fi AI film Atlas, which hits theaters on May 24.

Listen to the “This Time Around” remix below.

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