Iron Man’s ‘Avengers Initiative’ Scene Happened In Real Life – To Tom Hiddleston

Interestingly enough, Tom Hiddleston previously told Entertainment Weekly that he learned about plans to keep Loki and build a shared universe before filming commenced on “Thor”. The outlet noted that Kevin ​​Feige “first clued Hiddleston into those larger plans when the actor was in L.A. before ‘Thor’ started shooting,” with the Loki star remarking, “I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ Because he was already three, four steps ahead.” Hiddleston continued:

“That took me a few minutes to process, because I didn’t quite realize how it just suddenly had a scope. And being cast as Loki, I realized, was a very significant moment for me in my life, and was going to remain. The creative journey was going to be so exciting.”

Whether Hiddleston learned of Feige’s intentions before or after “Thor” was shot, it must have been a thrilling moment. It’s well known that the actor originally auditioned for the part of Thor, but was still happy to learn he’d be playing the hero’s brother. As Hiddleston told Total Film, after being cast he gained a sense of director Kenneth Branagh’s “vision, and the scope, and the epic nature of the story,” and “understood that Loki was going to be a very significant role and a thrilling antagonist.” But to then be told that he’d be returning for “The Avengers” must have been close to overwhelming.

Now, with “Loki” season 2 promising a more heroic version of the titular character, Hiddleston has come full circle. Having originally auditioned to play the lead in what he thought was a one-off comic book movie, he’s now portrayed a beloved villain across multiple films and TV shows, and now, a decade after auditioning to play Thor, has finally become the hero.

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