I Tried on H&M’s Easy Yet Sophisticated Linen Shorts—3 Ways I’ll Wear Them This Summer

There’s a lot of joy to be found in getting dressed. Putting together an outfit that makes you feel confident, comfortable and chic can get your day starting on the right foot. But truthfully, when summer rolls around with weddings, parties and holidays to think about, my everyday style is focused on one thing: ease. With everything else going on, I’m hunting for the most relaxed pieces that can blend seamlessly into various looks, be comfortable throughout the increased temperatures, and have a stylish edge to finish it all off. It sounds like a lot to ask of one piece, but H&M’s linen-blend pull-on shorts have proven they’re up to the task.

(Image credit: @florriealexander)

As a best-selling short for the high street brand, I figured it was high time I found out what all the fuss was about. And truthfully, I can see the appeal. Featuring a comfortable elastic waistband, adjustable tie waist, and light fabrication these make for the perfect summer shorts. For reference, I chose a size small and am about 5’2″. I’ve always been a fan of a longer short length, considering both wearability and the elegant edge it brings when shorts hit a little closer to the knee. The linen-blend fabric is lightweight enough for even the warmest day, and features a cuffed hem which is the exact kind of detail that adds a premium feel to high-street pieces. Immediately when trying them on I was thinking of various ways to wear them, from shopping days in the city to laid-back holiday looks, these a pair that will make getting dressed this summer that much easier.