I Just Attended Fashion Month and Need Everything—34 Nordstrom Items I’m Now Inspired to Buy

(Image credit: Michael Kors/Launchmetrics Spotlight)

Now that we’ve reached the 10-day mark post–fashion month, I can finally report that I’ve properly wrapped my head around everything I witnessed from the fall 2024 shows. Six weeks and over 1000 looks was a lot to take in. However, I’ve done the work, and now that my inspiration levels are at an all-time high, I’m ready to start the long process of introducing my favorite trends for the season ahead into my already overflowing closet. (What can I say? I work in fashion and love clothes.)

If you thought I would dare to gatekeep my fall picks throughout this process, you were wrong. I would never. Instead, I’ve curated my ideal fall 2024 shopping list and detailed every last buy in the guide below. To make the shopping process even smoother, I limited myself to just Nordstrom, making it *the* one-stop shop for snagging next season’s top trends immediately. You’re welcome. Scroll down to start ideating your fall wardrobe way early.

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