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One of the best additions to the mythology of “John Wick” appeared in “Chapter 3 — Parabellum”: the Adjudicator, played in that film by Asia Kate Dillon. In “Parabellum,” the Adjudicator acted as the High Table’s version of an internal police force, someone who had the authority to reprimand members of the Table who’ve broken or bent the rules to the Table’s dissatisfaction.

It’s reasonably assumed that there’s only one Adjudicator per era, and the position is probably a lifetime appointment; though, in the world of “John Wick,” a lifetime may not be all that long. In any case, there’s a different Adjudicator working for the High Table in “The Continental” (played by Katie McGrath), and right from her introductory scene, it’s clear that this is a different type of character than Dillon’s was (or, er, will be, in prequel parlance).

This Adjudicator is someone who’s been through some violent stuff, wearing a garish 1930s-era Hungarian face mask painted with a drawing of lips on it, implying that an unseemly scar lies beneath: was this Adjudicator an assassin herself at one time? Or perhaps a member of the Table didn’t like one of her rulings in the past?

Perhaps because of this wound, this Adjudicator comes complete with her own bodyguard, a kilt-wearing henchman who acts as the muscle to the Adjudicator’s mouth, torturing and tenderizing her prey.

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