Gloria Trevi Lights Up New York, Debuts ‘Zorra’ Remix With Nebulossa

Gloria Trevi took the stage at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on Friday (March 15), captivating a sold-out audience with a two-hour electrifying performance. As part of her Mi Soundtrack Tour across the U.S., a highlight was the debut of the “Zorra” remix with Spanish duo Nebulossa, whom Trevi introduced as surprise guests.

“We are inviting a group from Spain. I want to feel that applause… for Nebulossa!” Trevi announced. Dressed in a stunning dark cloak with shimmering black feathers and a metallic bodysuit, the Mexican icon exuded a captivating presence. Nebulossa’s María Bas and Mark Dasousa complemented her style, with Bas in a sparkling deep purple outfit and Dasousa in a striking black and white striped suit, à la Beetlejuice, clutching a red keytar.

“Estoy en un buen momento, reconstruida por dentro/ Y esa zorra que tanto temías se fue empoderando,” Bas and Trevi chanted in unison against the high-energy electro-pop backdrop of “Zorra” (“I’m in a good moment, rebuilt from the inside/ And that zorra you feared so much got empowered”).

This collaboration stemmed from a meeting in Miami, where Trevi and Nebulossa discovered a shared connection with the song’s empowering message, quickly leading to the recording of the remix. The original song by the Spanish duo, released in December 2023, boasts more than 10 million streams on Spotify.

Nebulossa, poised to represent Spain in Eurovision 2024, expressed their amazement at the opportunity to collaborate with Trevi. “Who would have thought that a few months ago someone would tell us that we’d be recording a duet with Gloria Trevi,” they said in a statement. Fans can look forward to the “Zorra” remix release with Trevi on streaming platforms in April.

The Mexican superstar’s NYC show also highlighted her illustrious 30-year career, filled with nostalgia and celebration. From the opening number “Medusa,” to a string of ’90s hits (“Hoy Me Iré de Casa,” “Zapatos Viejos,” “El Recuento de los Daños,” “Con Los Ojos Cerrados”) and more recent releases (“Inocente,” “Ellas Soy Yo”), the concert was a journey through the artist’s musical legacy.

About a dozen costume changes, a troupe of male dancers with washboard abs, and elaborate set designs kept the energy high throughout the night. The set ranged from the intense “Dr. Psiquiatra” with its psych ward theme and giant fake syringes, to a devilish scene where she wore a sparkly red cloak on “Virgen de las Vírgenes,” and a whimsical note with “Cinco Minutos” in a glimmering pink pilot outfit, culminating in the powerful finale “Todos Me Miran.”

Trevi’s tour, which began in Hidalgo, Texas, on Jan. 26, will continue to grace stages across the U.S., including upcoming performances in Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and a notable stop at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot on April 26. The New York show, her eighth tour stop, not only showcased Trevi’s enduring talent and charisma but also highlighted her ability to innovate and connect with audiences across multiple generations.

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