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While used copies of the “Halloween” novelization have been available (usually for a steep price) on sites like eBay, fans will no doubt thrill at the idea of having a newly published version that’s somewhat easier to scoop up, at least for a short period of time. And this isn’t just a standard reissue, folks. No, this edition features nearly 100 new illustrations created by Orlando “Mexifunk” Arocena. 

Here are the details:

Printed In Blood is VERY proud to present the ORIGINAL movie tie-in novelization, reprinted in full here for the first time in over 40 years! In addition, it has been fully illustrated throughout with nearly a hundred BRAND-NEW Illustrations created just for this release by the vector genius, Orlando “Mexifunk” Arocena. This 224-page volume is bursting with both classic and gorgeous new artistic visions of the John Carpenter horror classic.

This Limited Edition cover features the classic paperback cover art re-created by Orlando.

Produced under license with Compass International Pictures and with full co-operation of the original author, Richard Curtis (who penned the original novel under the name Curtis Richards).

There will be two versions of the book available — one with a recreation of the cover from the original paperback (see above), and one with an all-new cover. Printed in Blood stresses this is a very limited edition, and will only be available through October 1. So you might want to order it now, which you can do right here. It’s sure to be a must-have for “Halloween” fans, and I know I definitely want to snag a copy. 

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