Cool Stuff: Enjoy Ted Lasso’s Biscuits From Mackenzie Limited, But Don’t You Dare Have Tea – /Film

Here’s what Mackenzie Limited has to say about their “Ted Lasso” biscuits:

“These authentic English biscuits are a touch salty, a touch sweet, and always buttery and rich. One bite of these ‘Ted Lasso’ shortbread cookies with their signature crumbly texture and you’ll realize why Ted believed in the power of biscuits.”

Mackenzie Limited actually sent over a box of their “Ted Lasso Biscuits with the Boss,” and I can confirm they are quite crumbly and just the right mix of buttery and sweet without overdoing it. Below are my own images of the biscuits, to give you an idea of the reality compared to the professional publicity images from their website

Don’t expect to be blown away, because shortbread cookies aren’t necessarily meant to be a life-changing cookie, but they are a simple treat that would pair nicely with some milk or coffee. But in honor of Ted Lasso himself, we certainly cannot recommend having them with tea. Why would you want to ruin these scrumptious biscuits with brown, garbage water? No thanks! (In all seriousness, I like a good cup of tea with sugar and milk. Sorry, Ted.)

Each box of “Ted Lasso” biscuits comes with 10 large shortbread cookies, and you place an order with one, two, or three boxes. However, be warned, they’re a bit pricey. A single box costs $29.95, but you get each box cheaper if you buy more, because two boxes are $49.95, and three boxes are $69.95. The good news is that standard shipping is free, and they would make a great gift for the “Ted Lasso” fan in your life. If you’re feeling bold, you can always try to make them yourself too

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