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Black, for those not in the know, came to fame by playing Aeryn Sun in “Farscape,” the hit ’90s-born sci-fi series that, among other things, gave us one of the best Abed jokes on “Community.” She would go on to play Vala Mal Doran on “Stargate SG-1” (which only makes that “Community” sub-plot all the more applicable here) and has since developed a habit of showing up for multi-episode stints on genre shows as varied as “Rick and Morty,” “Roswell, New Mexico,” and “The Nevers.” Black is also a rather prolific video game voice actor, having voiced Chloe Frazer in the “Uncharted” series and Admiral Daro’Xen vas Moreh in the “Mass Effect” franchise.

No slouch himself, Chatham played Amos Burton across all six seasons of “The Expanse,” prior to his turn on “Ahsoka.” He also had a small role as the rebel cameraman Castor in the “Hunger Games” movies and briefly appeared as a SWAT agent in Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” further cementing his bona fides in the sci-fi genre. With Thrawn’s old bodyguard and go-to assassin Rukh no longer in the picture, after his demise on “Rebels,” that leaves a nice opening for Enoch to fill in the remaining episodes of “Ahsoka” and potentially beyond — giving Chathan another feather to add to his cap.

To that very point, it’s feasible that both Klothow and Enoch will have substantial roles to play in “Ahsoka” creator Dave Filoni’s re-imagining of the Legends/Expanded Universe Thrawn trilogy arc, starting with their brief introductions in “Far, Far Away.” Failing that, it’s just fun to see yet another pair of sci-fi aficionados getting their chance to play dress up and make a Star War of their own.

New episodes of “Ahsoka” drop Tuesdays at 9:00 PM EST on Disney+.

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