A Scandi Woman Goes Shopping On the High Street–Here’s What She’d Buy

Autumn, we’ve missed you. Though summer was a pleasant respite after the chilly months of spring, we’ve now had our fill sweltering days and are ready to bundle up with a crisp chill in the air. It might be that fashion month is upon us and there’s about the be an influx of newness, but the seasonal shift encourages us to switch things up, clean out our closets and put together some exciting new outfits to inspire us for the months ahead. So, where do we begin when looking for when looking for fashion inspiration? The runways are a great place to start, but if you’re looking for wearable trends that have been tried and tested, there’s no better place than street style, and the Scandi set have been quietly changing the way we dress for the last couple of years. 

Parisian women might have mastered polished styling, and New Yorker’s know up and coming brands before anyone else, but Scandi women have mastered the secret to looking stylish with minimal effort, and frankly, what more could you need? From oversized tailored to nailing the art of the refined colour palette, we’re continuously turning to Scandinavians for style tips, and if you’re unsure which pieces are worth the space in your wardrobe, you can bet that there’s an editor, influencer, or street style star who’s bought it, worn it, and styled it in a way we wouldn’t have even thought of, and that’s a talent worth screenshotting. 

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