7 Simple and Chic Ways to Wear Your Favourite Black Trousers This Autumn

I love the fact that black trousers are getting plenty of airtime this season, and while they’re hardly an item of clothing that could ever be considered “in” or “out,” it’s still gratifying to see fashion folk gravitate towards something that’s so definitively timeless. If you find the perfect pair of black trousers, you know that you’ll be wearing them for many, many years to come.

I found my holy grail at Mango two springs ago and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve worn them. They’ve come with me on holiday, where I’ve worn them with a bikini top and linen shirt. They’ve also looked great with a simple white tee. And I’ve paired them with a matching black blazer for dinner. Talk about versatility.

It’s clear that I’m not alone in my love for black trousers, and you can’t scroll through Instagram without stumbling across a pair, whether it’s a wide-leg style, a split-hem style or a classic straight silhouette. To prove the adaptable powers of this wardrobe staple, I’ve rounded up seven outfits centred around black trousers. Scroll down to see how the fashion crowd is wearing their black trousers this season.

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