17 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Shoulder-Length Hair

Perhaps you’ve just had to chop or maybe you’re growing out a long bob—either way, if you’re new to shoulder-length hair, then you’re probably after some styling inspiration. And likewise, if you’ve worn your hair shoulder length for a while, then it’s understandable that you may want to mix things up. 

Since it’s not quite short and not quite long, it can be easy to fall into a hairstyling rut when you have shoulder-length hair. However, this length of hair is actually super versatileyou’ll be surprised by how many low-maintenance styling options there are to choose from. Whether your hair is curly or straight and whether you prefer to wear it loose or style it in an up-do, having shoulder-length hair gives you room to try far more hairstyles than those who are restricted by short hair length or by the weight of long hair.

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