13 Anti-Trend Pieces I’m Seeing Everywhere Right Now

Often, certain items in the fashion world earn their stripes from being an It buy or the latest piece everyone is wearing a particular week. But some items are so established they needn’t be trend-led to be important. We’re talking about the trench coat you’ll wear a million times without ever tiring of it, the tailored trousers that go with any top and the leather bag that’ll become part of your everyday uniform. It’s easy to not shout about these reliable staple pieces, but since they’re the base of many great outfits, it’s time to give them some recognition.

While some spring/summer trends can be tricky to translate for us mere mortals, we can almost guarantee the fail-safe items we’re about to show you will be the hardest-working in your wardrobe (if they’re not already). And we’re not the only ones who believe this, as our fashion friends have given us endless inspiration for how to style them for the new season. Keep scrolling to see the 13 anti-trend buys you won’t regret.

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