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Marshall said, “Well, we thought about it, but we thought it was really important that the union that they create is something that actually begins the healing process of between these two worlds.” He is, of course, talking about the ocean people and the land people, who have a very tense relationship. A marriage between a person from each would is a time-honored way of peacemaking, whatever your feelings about it. 

DeLuca explained that they decided instead to concentrate on making the relationship between Ariel and Eric one of deep friendship. He said: 

” … we really wanted the relationship to be what won out and having them really experiencing each other as friends — deep, deep friendship. So it wasn’t just falling in love with a handsome guy or the pretty girl. The wedding, we didn’t show the wedding. We don’t really have a wedding because we didn’t want to make it that it was all the penultimate thing is the wedding. No, it’s the relationship. They’re going off together and adventuring together.”

Though I’ll admit that teen princesses getting married has always been a weird concept for me, I love that they’re at least focusing on building a connection rather than just the ceremony. They’re going adventuring as the movie ends, building the relationship further and bringing their worlds together in a new way. 

“The Little Mermaid” is currently in theaters. 

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