Wearing This Spicy Dress Trend Makes Me Feel Like a ’90s Supermodel

It’s no secret that, nowadays, the lifespan of a trend can be decidedly short. With an endless stream of information, emerging ideas, and countless opinions flowing through our phones, it’s never long before a trend that once reigned supreme gets toppled over in favour of something fresher. Having seen so many promising trends get spat out after a mere few weeks, when you spot one that transcends the vicious cycle you know that you’re on to something good.

Having first noticed the leopard print trend start to make a big comeback a few months ago, ushered in by the once peak “mob wife” aesthetic, you would have been forgiven for thinking the motif would disappear once summer kicked into gear. However, leopard print only became more relevant as 2024 continued.

Taking on new legs throughout the spring and summer season, the leopard print trend made its way from fuzzy coats onto silky skirts, and lately, with temperatures beginning to soar, I’ve started to see fashion people wearing it in another form: The leopard print minidress.

Influencer wears a leopard print dress.

Combining a trending print with a summer-ready short hem, the leopard print minidress has become a staple in the wardrobe of fashion people this month. A spicier alternative to the plain cotton and linen dresses that always circulate during this time of year, the leopard print minidress trend presents the opportunity to style a loud print that in a ways that feels both familiar and fresh.

Influencer wears a leopard print dress.

Although this dress trend has been in circulation for decades, these past few months have seen a revival in line with the trend’s original reign across the ’90s and ’00s. Frequently spotted on supermodels including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell from even the earliest days of their careers, the leopard print minidress retains a glamorous edge to this day, that will always draw me to the style.

Kate Moss wears a leopard print dress.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Whilst these tepid summer days dominate the forecast, why not style your mini with a knee-high boot for an unexpected pairing. Then, when it’s properly hot out there, swap out your boots for a strappy sandals or an easy ballet flat for a dress-and-shoe combination that feels so 2024.

Influencer wears a leopard print dress.

As the trend has grown, so too has the amount of leopard print minidresses hitting the market. From Zara’s sleeveless style to Ganni’s trending version, high street and designer brands have been quick to perfect their new-season minis.