Watch Robert Fripp and Toyah cover ‘Have Love Will Travel’ for Sunday Lunch sessions

Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp have shared a new installment of their Sunday Lunch covers, which is a spirited take on Richard Berry’s blues rock song ‘Have Love, Will Travel’.

The musicians, who are a married couple, have filmed their take on the 1959 classic, which they’ve based off The Sonics‘ 1965 reversioning featuring bolder, proto-punk riffing.

Willcox and Fripp have been releasing covers of some of their favourite songs since the COVID lockdowns. The ’80s pop star and former King Crimson member, respectively, have become viral stars with their renditions.

In the latest clip Willcox is seen wearing a latex maid’s outfit while flinging items of clothing into a suitcase as she sings. Fripp plays the electric guitar while sat down, sporting a mini mohawk. “The Sonics inspire the world” is seen written on a handmade poster behind.

The video is the first to land since news that a potential film based on the duo is on the way.

Three years after the Sunday Sessions project began, Willcox – who goes by the mononym Toyah – has confirmed that the sessions are far from drawing to a close and have been picked up by a “big production company” who are planning to make it into a feature film.

She announced the plans in a new interview with Eonmusic, explaining that momentum has grown continuously since they began the project in lockdown and is now on the cusp of moving to new heights.

“We have a documentary crew following us, and we have quite a big production company scripting an idea at the moment,” she said.

“Obviously, we won’t be in it,” she added. “It’s for actors to play, but that’s all in the back kind of pool of what you call pre-production. All of that’s going on.”

In other Fripp and Willcox news, last month the couple made headlines after covering The Hives on their viral YouTube series.

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