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The Moore/Braga script was hardly the only one to compete with the Swift/Shannon script — rumor had it there were dozens of “Freddy vs. Jason” scripts floating around Hollywood at the time — but it might be one of the more striking and bizarre. Notably, it took inspiration from the then-recently-televised O.J. Simpson murder trial

Recall that Jason Voorhees is a campfire story character, a lakeside boogieman who stalks and kills teenage campers at a remote sleepaway camp in the woods of New Jersey. At some point during the sequels to the original “Friday the 13th” — probably sometime around the sixth film — Jason went from a woods-bound boogieman into an immortal instrument of death. He never spoke and the face under his hockey mask was mostly missing. Moore and Braga conceived of a story wherein Jason is arrested by the police for his many murders and put on the stand to defend himself at trial. That someone like Jason Voorhees would be entitled to a legal defense counsel is the stuff of broad satire. It seems that Moore and Braga didn’t want a “Freddy vs. Jason,” but a “Freddy v Jason.” 

Jason’s defense lawyer would be a character named Ruby Jarvis, a relative of Tommy Jarvis and his sister Trish, who appeared in several “Friday the 13th” sequels. Jason would spend most of the time in prison, while Freddy stalked people in their dreams. In this script, it would be revealed that Freddy once had an affair with Jason’s mother (!) and that it was he who killed Jason back when he was a boy (!!). Freddy re-entered the real world through magical shenanigans, complete with his magical nightmare powers intact. 

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