Trust Me—These Are the Only Handbag Trends Worth Knowing About in 2023

Whether I’m dressing up for an event or pulling on a lazy weekend outfit, one thing I never compromise on is accessories, and in particular–bags. After all, a good bag can make even the most basic outfit feel a little more special (and it’s the one thing we’re guaranteed to use every day). But, when it comes to spotting the new bag trends to invest in, it can take a little bit of research. 

Unlike ready-to-wear, bag trends can come and go quickly, remember Jacquemus’s teeny, tiny Le Chiquito? Of course you do, but there chances are, there isn’t one hiding in the bag of your wardrobe. Or, perhaps the first pictures of Carrie Bradshaw’s JW Anderson Pigeon clutch? Maybe not a trend, but undoubtedly an important moment of discussion as to what even constitutes a “good bag”. On the other hand there are the classic bags that have stood the test of time like Dior’s Lady Dior, the ever-popular Birkin and of course the Chanel flap bag, and so it seems that the biggest and best performing trends tend to be the ones that bridge the gap between of-the-moment appeal and timelessly archival pieces. Not too much to ask. 

In the name of good research and, in part, to cater to my lifelong handbag obsession, I searched through the latest collections and have uncovered which pieces you’re bound to start seeing everywhere this season, and trust me when I say, there are some big things coming.

So, what are the very best handbag trends to know about in 2023? From the practical totes that are set to be everyday staples, to the embellished evening styles that will no doubt appear on the street style circuit come fashion week, keep scrolling for the five of the biggest styles you need to see now, straight from the runway to your screen.

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