Top K-Pop of the Week: Stray Kids, Lim Young Woong, ARTMS, BM, KINO, tripleS & More — Vote!

From globally focused crossover hits to modern-classical compositions, which of these 11 standout releases gets your vote?

Every week, the Korean music scene delivers outstanding songs across various genres and styles, and the past week was no exception, with a heavy-hitting selection of hits with global-pop potential, emotionally stirring compositions, and refreshingly honest storytelling.

Marking major crossover moments in their careers, Stray Kids and PENTAGON‘s KINO teamed up, respectively, with fellow chart-toppers like Charlie Puth and Lay Bankz to bring two unforgettable and unexpected musical fusions that can transcend boundaries and new audiences. Meanwhile, solo stars like BAEKHO, Kim Jae Hwan and D.O of EXO are embarking on exciting sonic transformations to showcase new facets of their musical identities in this fast-paced industry. Alongside rising girl groups like ARTMS and tripleS, which set their sights on connecting international audiences, there’s also the solo sensation Lim Young Woong, who brings a modern take on classical and gospel music for the world to enjoy.

As the K-pop industry moves at a rapid pace, it’s important to pause and appreciate the innovation and diversity it offers across its different acts. Take a moment to explore these 11 new songs that embody the spirit of the scene and deserve a permanent spot on your playlist. Then cast your vote in our poll for the top of K-pop for the past week.

Of course, we absolutely love RM‘s future hit “Come back to me” — both the six-and-a-half-minute original and the radio edit. The fact that Billboard readers declared it last week’s best new release and an undeniably cool new pop song of the week tells us that music fans truly know (and love) the track. So listen through these 11 other K-pop releases for your radar now and vote below.

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