Tina Knowles Says Beyoncé Gave Sage Advice to Blue Ivy After Haters Bashed Her Performance: ‘Go and Work Harder’

Beyoncé is teaching her daughter Blue Ivy Carter one of the most important lessons a budding musician can learn: how to turn haterade into Gatorade to fuel your performance. Bey’s mom, Tina Knowles, revealed how the singer helped her 12-year-old daughter with husband Jay-Z deal with negative comments after Blue performed on stage with her mom during the Renaissance tour.

While appearing on this week’s episode of Vogue‘s The Run Through podcast, Tina Knowles described how blown away she and Jay were by Blue Ivy’s dancing onstage during “My Power” and “Black Parade” on her mother’s sold-out Renaissance world tour. She told Chloe and Vogue beauty commerce writer Kiana Murden that Blue’s moves were “the best” and that “every night her dad and me would get on this platform out there and we would just be screaming our heads off, like, with no shame at all.”

That joy was tempered, however, by some negative comments Blue Ivy read after the shows, which led to Beyoncé sharing some sage advice for her daughter about brushing that dirt off your shoulder.

“One of her friends came back and showed her some negative comments and it was a great life lesson because her mom basically said, ‘Listen, if you let this get you down, then they won. So you should go and work harder. And, you know, just work harder and get your skills together and go out there and blast it,’” Knowles said Beyoncé told Blue. “So it actually worked in Blue’s favor because she was only supposed to do it one time. But now her mom was, that mama bear was on to it. It was like, she was like, ‘You go out there and kill it,’ and she did. She just grew so much from that experience.”

In her Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé concert doc, Bey revealed that Blue Ivy fought for her space on the tour after what was supposed to be a one-off appearance. “She told me she was ready to perform, and I told her no,” Bey said in the movie, in which she also noted that the tween was devastated after reading comments criticizing her initial performance.

Bey added in the film that she was proud of Blue Ivy for training harder for future appearances rather than giving up. That pride (and good advice) clearly soaked in, because Blue was featured alongside her mom in the recently revealed trailer for the upcoming Disney Lion King prequel, Mufasa. Mother (Nala) and daughter’s (Kiara) voices will appear alongside Aaron Pierre, Kelvin Harrison, Jr., John Kani, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, Mads Mikkelsen and Thandiwe Newton in the film.

Listen to the episode here (Blue Ivy bit begins at 39-minute mark).

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