This Affordable Bag Brand Is Every Fashion Insider’s Best-Kept Secret

Let’s be honest, when it comes to buying designer handbags, we’re always looking for the next “It bag.” Whether you’re loyal to the quiet-luxury bags that combine subtlety and quality craftsmanship without the need for prominent logos, or you prefer statement bags that are bright, bold and colourful, handbags can instantly update and change a look, so it pays to know the names to look out for. And, as someone who spends an awful lot of time scrolling through new-in styles, I see a lot of lust-worthy bags on my hunt, but there is one bag brand in particular that has been quietly garnering attention behind the scenes, and it’s a mid-priced all-rounder that everyone will love. 

London-based brand DeMellier combines Spanish and French heritage with artisan Italian craftsmanship and British sensibility, and the results? A pared-back and polished premium brand that makes the kind of bags and accessories you’ll want to wear for years to come. And the best part is, all of the pieces are ethically and sustainability made, so you can trust that a DeMellier bag not only looks good, but does good too. (And judging by the amount of influencers and editors with one of their bags on their arm lately, it’s only growing in popularity). 

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