The Witcher Season 3’s Desert Sequence Was Just As Brutal Behind The Scenes – /Film

While I’m sure safety measures were in place, productions (including “Snowpiercer,” which was impacted by a Canadian heat wave last summer) have certainly shut down for less before. In a video shared by Collider, Allan talks about how her character’s fur-lined outfit made the shoot even harder, saying, “Whoever arranged this plan is mad.” She notes that she was “constantly” making sure to drink water and electrolytes, and behind-the-scenes footage also shows crew members following her with an umbrella and hiding out under a heavily shaded tent. Allan also explains that she often had to walk across the dunes far from any other crew members because the team didn’t want to get any of their footprints in the shots.

Allan says that the shoot was memorable in part because the cast (which was really just her) and crew looked out for each other. “Getting to work somewhere like that, you have to pinch yourself. It also felt like a team more so than ever with the crew, we really looked out for each other,” she told Numero. “The memories of getting back to the hotel and all having a beer together, going ‘we got through today’ are some of the best memories.” The episode essentially serves as Ciri’s hero (or antihero) origin story, as she faces down demons in her mind’s eye including her mother and the historic princess Falka. She also sees what her life might look like if she embraces fire magic, before ultimately rejecting the dangerous practice.

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