The Row’s Bags Are Absolute Luxury—11 Styles I’d Gladly Carry Forever

Over the years, the Olsens have mastered the art of “less is more.” The Row’s pieces are finely crafted, and it shows. Up close, you can tell its handbags are impeccably made (making their four-figure price tags more justifiable), while the designs somehow manage to feel trendy but timeless at once. This combination has proven palpable, as The Row bags are considered to be some of the chicest you can invest in.

While The Row’s handbag collection can change between seasons, none of its older styles ever feel dated. Unlike many It bags that have come before them, to this day, we see influencers and celebrities alike proudly toting their trusty The Row from years gone by, and not once have they felt passé. Such is the power of clean lines, classic colour choices, and high-quality fabrications.

Scroll below to see the best The Row bags you can currently buy, broken down into the brand’s most appealing styles.

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